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Submitted on
April 1, 2009


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First of all I would like to thank you for visiting this article. As I said in a previous news article this will happen at least once a month! I will be featuring the best Web Interfaces from the previous month. So this is it, the first in the series. Please do all you can to get this article popular from faving to spreading the word! As always if you do not want your piece up here note me to take it down. Congratulations to everyone who made it this month!

Here we go!

Gaia Profile: Son Zack II by Shangrii-La Sport1 Superstore by Svendsen Car service v2 by owsian :thumb116235615: Audi R8 by Kurty01 Layout by michal09 Fiji Island template. by SiostraNocy Cure My PC by AquaDesiree St. Patrick's Day Scuzzle by janvanlysebettens :thumb116252036: More Colours by reissik Ca$$ino by michalchyrek by lekima GSM e-shop by michalchyrek Other Type Of Clandesign by zottel89 wana some candy? by tehacesequence asvar by matejkoSH Portoflio 2009 by Jakiller AO5 by ducoradini by bratn
Elegante Theme by sinthux by DouglasEltz Rally by cooh-pl EraseInfo by LuckyDizz Uservoice - Webdesign by lakoubi Winter sport. by alex-tanya vancew-media by fee3R Apollo Sports by zawarulhassan :thumb117253886: by Jakiller :thumb117339289: iNK INC Portfolio 49.0 by inkincdesign
Expressocorp Concept by wynlim joomla spa by tehacesequence Vz1 by jimmybjorkman :thumb117535206: loremipsum photography by Korasu blog layout by shuffl3 MeritNation - Home by studio6t9 :thumb117551710: by kibus evolove login by SencerBugrahan

Thats it!

So this is is for this month, have any suggestions for a web design submitted in April? Your own maybe? Feel free to note me and I will respond personally to every one.
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webdziner Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
act731 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2009
Thank you!
eXoHeartbeat Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2009
You're welcome :)
kibus Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009
Thanks for the feature : )
eXoHeartbeat Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009
You're welcome :clap:
ashirwad Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
That is some extremely good collection!
eXoHeartbeat Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009
Thank you :D
michal09 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
Thanks for the feature :)
eXoHeartbeat Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
No problem! :D
StreetlightScholars Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Good collection of some very talented web designers. Thanks
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