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Submitted on
February 1, 2010


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Hello again!

We had some very nice designs to start off 2010 this month, some from well known designers, some from unknown ones! Lets start the features then!

Featured Five by mateuszmadura by mateuszmadura is a design with a wonderful layout. Very vibrant colours also make this design stand out from the crowd.mateuszmadura is rapidly becoming one of my favourite designers on deviantART!

Similigue - Web Layout by detrans

Similigue - Web Layout by detrans is a very interesting design which implements a very unique style to it. The typefaces chosen fit well with the style. detrans is also becoming a pretty popular designer on deviantART.

Rhino web graphics by riyaz7cp

Rhino web graphics by riyaz7cp is a design which relies on it's great effects and solid colour scheme. It also has some great lighting points.

Environment information pages by PaulNLD

Environment information pages by PaulNLD is a very professional design which has a great layout. PaulNLD is a designer who I haven't featured in a couple of months but still produces amazing designs!

WC Series  1 by preet618

WC Series 1 by preet618 is a design which has a wonderful header, the header holds a bokeh image perfectly which is pretty hard to do as I have found out in the past!

and there is more!

iDyll - PSD Available by miko434 SoundBlaster by samborek Caffeteria by Tokumoto CerebroCreativo Studios by cerebrocreativo Elysium by pixelbudah 490 - Flash Layout by detrans lussi beauty salon by t3t5uo puzzlebul by SencerBugrahan
Livretto by finesy Online Portfolio V2 by Sibusinho

Pretty good month, don't you agree? Keep a look out on interfaceSPACE for some announcments soon!


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tehacesequence Feb 28, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
nice selection ;]
Really nice designs there :)
thanks for featuring!
i'm so honoured ^^
PaulNLD Feb 2, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the feature :) nice designs !
No problem mate, they are! :eager:
t3t5uo Feb 2, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
thanx a lot for featuring!
You're welcome :)
cerebrocreativo Feb 2, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
eXoHeartbeat! Thank you for featuring my design!!
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